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Could you cut your Digital Ad presence by 98% (with no impact)?

Maybe. It appears that JP Morgan Chase did just that. Much as marketers love digital advertising (somewhat targeted, prospects find you, etc.) there was always the suspicion that at least some of your spend was wasted. Even in the digital ad age, we were mindful of Wanamaker’s famous quote: I know 50% of my advertising is wasted, I […]

From touchpoints to journeys: Seeing the world as customers do.

As an individual or department in an organization, you work hard to ensure that a prospect or customer’s interaction with your ‘touchpoint’ in the business is a positive one. This is good as far as it goes but as McKinsey points out, this siloed focus on individual ‘touchpoints’ misses the bigger—and more important—picture: the customer’s […]

McKinsey adds Consumer Decision Insights Linked to Growth

Growth! What CEO isn’t looking for that today? Well, hot off the presses is more excellent insight from McKinsey as they extend their great work on the Consumer Decision Journey. This latest article (The new Battleground for Marketing-led Growth) focuses more on the key ‘acquisition’ part of the journey, and how you get your Brand into prospects’ […]